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PlusMemo for Delphi/CBuilder
shareware component

by Electro-Concept Mauricie

Embarcadero Technologies

The coolest enhanced memo edit control for Delphi 2009 to Delphi11 Alexandria. Native VCL component, in standard and data aware versions, with the following main features:
  • Automatic syntax highlighting: keywords, comments and custom syntaxing algorithms. You won't believe how simple it is to automatically and dynamically format your keywords!
  • Rich set of free accessory components : gutter with line numbers, printer component with preview capability, live spell checker that works with Addict Spell Check, Url highlighter, Html highlighter, ...
  • Mix any font style or background/foreground colors for parts of your text, and use two different fonts at your liking;
  • No limit on text length, even on old Windows versions (works on Windows 98 and up). Handle 100MB easily on minimal systems (more details here );
  • Plus much more: multi level Undo-Redo, drag and drop editing, text justification, colum block selection, various properties and methods to interact at run time with the text content ...
Only one license required for all Delphi/CBuilder versions. Click here for a screenshot
Evaluation packages  are available for each of these development systems.

Latest version : v7.2, Nov. 30, 2018
New since June 2020: Delphi10.4 Sydney version available.
September 2021: Delphi11 Alexandria version available.
Published on Torry
PlusMemo is now available freely, with source code: Click here to get it!