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PlusMemo free accessory components

Here is the list of handy and simple to use components to achieve special effects with TPlusMemo . They are included in the evaluation packages  and provided with source code, so they can be tuned to your liking. They are also good examples of programming with TPlusMemo in some cases.

This table also shows which file to use in your application for run time access to these components.

File to use General purpose components
ad3PlusMemoParser.pas TPlusMemoControlParser : A parser to makeTPlusMemo work with Addict3 , the latest version of spell checking suite from Addictive. Not really a component, but rather aTControlParser object, to use at run time in a CheckParser call.
PMLiveSpell3.pas TPMLiveSpell3 : a non-visual component to dynamically spell check (spell as you type) the text of a TPlusMemo , using Addict3 product. It shows mispelled words with a wavy underline (red color by default). Live correct function is also available.
Note: This component is not installed in ready made packages found with evaluation files. You need to install it in a package of your choice for design time access. See text file if you need installation instructions.
PlusGutter.pas TPlusGutter : A visual gutter with line or paragraph numbers: put it besides a TPlusMemo , and it will show line numbers at the correct vertical position. Also implements bookmarks.
pmCollapseHandler.pas TpmCollapseHandler : A non visual component to display collapse bars and signs in a TPlusMemo : set TPlusMemo.CollapseHandler to an instance of this component and your collapsible blocks will be visually indicated. And users will be able to collapse/expand them with the mouse.
pmprint.pas TPlusMemoPrinter : Prints the content of aTPlusMemo with programmable margins, headers and linespacing. Also do a print preview with zoom capability, where the user can set the margins and access a print setup dialog.
PlusToFormat.pas TPlusToHtml, TPlusToRtf : Permits exporting the content of a TPlusMemo to an html or rtf file. Also can make the CopyToClipboard function in html and rtf formats.
pmActions.pas TpmEditCut, TpmEditCopy, TpmEditPaste, ... Standard edit and search actions that work with regular TMemo ,TRichEdit *and* TPlusMemo , TPlusMemo .
Note: These components are not visible from the design time palette, instead they are added to your application through TActionList and TActionManager components.
  Highlighter components
(put them on your form, set TPlusMemo.Highlighter property to this component, and your text will be dynamically highlighted instantaneously)
ExtHilit.pas TExtHighlighter : Implements complex highlighting, either scope dependent or prioritized syntax highlighting. Not as easy as Keywords and StartStopKeys of TPlusMemo , but more versatile.
Note: To install it in a package of your choice, add file ExtHilitReg.pas to your package.
UrlHighlight.pas TURLHighlighter : Dynamic highlighting Internet urls of all kinds, including short forms of web and email. You can control individual formatting of each kind of url. Automatic launching of clicked urls is also handled.
HtmlHighlight.pas THTMLHighlighter : Dynamic highlighting of html tags. You can control at design time the highlighting rendition of various parts.
Note: To install it in a package of your choice, add file HtmlHilitReg.pas to your package.
OOPHilit.pas TOOPHighlighter : Dynamic highlighting of Object Pascal syntax. Handles numbers and assembler sections with their own keywords.
Note: To install it in a package of your choice, add file OOPReg.pas to your package.
NbHilit.pas TNumberHighlighter : Dynamic highlighting of numbers.
CPPHilit.pas TCPPHighlighter : Dynamic highlighting of C++ syntax.
Note: To install it in a package of your choice, add file CPPReg.pas to your package.
SQLHilit.pas TSQLHighlighter : Dynamic highlighting of SQL syntax.
Note: To install it in a package of your choice, add file SqlHilitReg.pas to your package.
RegExHilit.pas TRegExHighlighter : Similar to TExtHighlighter , but keywords are regular expression patterns instead of strict identifiers. Start-stop keys can be also. Credits to Andrey V. Sorokin, whose TRegExpr class made that accessory component possible.
EmailHilit.pas TEmailHighlighter : Dynamic highlighting of email messages, with levels of quote highlighted distinctively.
Note: To install it in a package of your choice, add file EmailHilitReg.pas to your package.